Who We Are

Executive Board 2019

  • President - Jara Dusatko

  • 1st Vice President - Linda Janourova-Tang

  • 2nd Vice President - Vera Teyrovsky

  • Recording Secretary - Milena Harvey

  • Financial Secretaty and Membership - Denisa Feddersen

  • Treasurer - Lea Bronec

  • Public Relations Director - Helenka Livingston

  • Women's Director - Jana Wichova


  • Auditing Committee - Milena Harvey, Vera Teyrovsky, Karin Sargis

  • Budget and Finance Committee - Lea Bronec, Denisa Feddersen, Roman Wicha

  • Entertainment Committee - Helenka Livingston, Daniel Botcha, Linda Janourova-Tang, Petr Jansa, Lenka Jansa

  • Reconciliation Committee - Milena Harvey, Eva Gubisova, Petr Jansa

  • District Representitives - Jara Dusatko, Lida O'Donnell


Regular Board meetings are held every Second Saturday of the month at 2:00PM (except during July and August).
They are located at Livingston Residence 19617 Forest Ave, Castro Valley, CA, 94546.
All Sokol members and friends are welcome!